Endurance by Amy Daws

Tanner…oh Tanner…how can I not love you when your story begins with “this is what shagging the crazy ones gets me”. Tanner and Bella’s love story is ridiculously adorable. You are just too funny…love it when you call Bella “Wife!” and mankini’s? Seriously? I mean, how you managed to capture Bella’s heart, a doctor with exceptional surgical skills, just shows how you can go deep beyond my expectations. I love that Bella’s intelligence and strength can still enjoy life and learn to love and let go. You two are just endearing and I am truly glad your love endured. I have to say, the third Harris Brothers book about Booker is one I am going to have to get back to because I will be honest…Gareth Harris just has me completely enthralled. His protective, yet private and broody nature, has captured me and so I’m just going to have to skip ahead and read past the next in line. But I will get back to you Booker…I promise…I don’t normally like to go out of sequence like this…but I can’t help myself. I have got to meet Gareth!

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