Surrender and Dominate by Amy Daws

Gareth and Sloan’s love story is so profound that it required two books. When I finished reading about Tanner and Bella’s love story, I knew I had to meet Gareth. His quiet, reserved but protective demeanor intrigued me. Who is this man? And I have to say I was intrigued so much so that I had to do what I normally hate doing….I read the books out of order! But I don’t regret it for one second. Gareth is just a man I needed to know more about and I am not disappointed. I’m in love. Sloan is so endearing and charming that she just was the perfect person for Gareth. I love that she is able to bring down his walls to get to know the real man and that he is able to do the same for her. These books are hot! Sizzling hot! Man oh man do I love that strong silent type with a heart of gold. Can I swoon now? Yep…swooning as I write…aaahhhhh.

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