The Club by Lauren Rowe

The Club Series, Book 1, begins the story of Jonas Faraday and Sarah Cruz. Every now and then you read a story about a broken soul who has experienced so much tragedy in life but has learned to survive it against all odds. This immense ability to grasp on to anything that will enable you to go on in life despite the pain – this is Jonas. An incredibly beautiful but wounded man who hangs on by a thread every day yet shows incredible strength and fortitude of character even though he can’t acknowledge it because he is driven to see his divine self as his way of saving himself. Sarah, also scarred by life undoubtedly much less, understands him and relates to his pain in such a profound way. They share an inexplicable understanding of each other and their love story is unique because it begins prior to even meeting in person. It begins with a meeting of the minds, an intellectual challenge. And it grows from there. Book 1 is just the beginning of the trilogy and it enraptures you with their intense love as you see it grow and leaves you feeling breathless.

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